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United Jack


Based on the Union Jack, but incorporating a multitude of colours, shapes and angles to depict a nation flavoured by multicultural diversity which encourages a sense of pride for Britishness.

Breaking the quadtych down, the paintings change form.



Communication Channels


This series of works was begun in 2007 and is still ongoing. It represents the flow of human interaction with a focus on speech, body language and written correspondence. People interpret and relay information in their own way: some have a strong need to be heard, while others listen in silence. However, many are stuck in a frustrating mould of misunderstandings or an imbalanced system of communication.

Communication is a fundamental tool for survival and all too often it is broken, manipulated or distorted en route. In all relationships, be it with a partner, family, friends, colleagues or in business, interaction varies greatly. Mastering the fine art of communication especially when it comes to translating the perfect pattern onto canvas is a life-long challenge.


In these works the canvases are segmented into squares. Each square has four walls, symbolizing individuals and their boundaries. The various shapes and colours represent the transmission and exchange of information between people. A message to one may be overwhelming, while to another it is of little or no significance. Cultural differences, generation gaps, various class systems and a fear of rejection are often key factors to a distortion of the pattern, even though in most cases the simple need for interaction is common to all.

One body of work, created on commission in late 2009 as a triptych is called Communication Gaps and covers three modes: Chaos, Coping & Calm.


Using the seven bold, contrasting colours of the rainbow merged with sharp angles and shapes, this work symbolizes communication where the chain of transmission is broken very early and instances of complete misinterpretation are present. The square’s boundaries are jagged and disproportionate and in places pushed to the limit. There are however escapes: three violet circles appear as portholes in the canvas. One is an open-ended route to the next canvas, or the next method of communication. Another is a window which allows re-entry after gathering sufficient strength to return and deal with the chaos once again. The last circle provides an exit from which to break free or leap into the void. 


While still vibrant in colour this work is more soothing in tone, than Chaos. The boundaries are clearer, yet some squares show selected individuals as being more isolated than others. In some instances they are entirely dependant on one other, while others put out feelers in several directions. This painting epitomizes communication in a society where technical tools are available but irregularities are still present; yet we cope, nonetheless.


Far more peaceful in colour this work shows a steady build-up of systematic interpretation and transmission. Each square in this painting has an equal margin of output and a split format to cover various methods of communication. While this may be regarded as the ideal structure for some it may be uncomfortably controlling and limiting for others.

Where does the ideal balance lie? And what is the perfect pattern?

Chaos:                                    Coping:                                     Calm:


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